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Emergency 24/7 : 9876543210


Revive Clinic Pvt. Ltd. established on 2064 BS. The company registered and approved by company registar office, health ministey, ministry of labor employment social security and other government authority to function health check up include X-ray and Lab test without compromising requirement set by authorities. Our focus is to provide comparatively best service in good environment for each and every persons who come to the center. carefully maintaining standared operating procedure is our priority . Revive Clinic Pvt. Ltd. is well managed highly equipped with compitent staff offers foreig employment agency community and every stackholders quick, easy and convenient visa medical test services. We are number one service provider in every aspect. We are proud to announce that our success rate in the field of foreign employment medical test accurracy result is very high and we are very serious to improve more that may prove Revive Clinic Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Medical Center in the nation.

Visa Medicals: Revive Clinic Pvt. Ltd. provides mandatory, DOFE (Department of foreign employment) certified visa medical tests services for both individuals and large corporate groups, at standard government pricing. Visa medical screenings are completed in 15-30 minutes with results in the form of a DOFE fitness certificate available in 48 hours as standard.

Our Specialities
  • OPD Section
  • Pathology Lab Section
  • Account Section
  • Sample Collection Section
  • X-ray Section
  • X-ray CR Section
  • Waiting Room
Our Facilities
  • Digital X-ray Service
  • Fully computerized Pathology Services
  • ECG Services
  • Health Counseling Services
  • Health Checkup for Foreign Employement